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Wed, May 7, 08 at 09:00 AM
Tony you touched many hearts in victoria and you gave kids that sparkle of fantasy in you magic and teaching, RIP Buddy!

Wed, May 7, 08 at 09:45 AM
I remember the magic man in Victoria and Comox at our Racquet ball tourny’s. Another nice fellow gone too soon.

Lloyd Lucyshyn
Wed, May 7, 08 at 11:08 AM
Tony was a great man and a great friend. I will miss our racquetball games.

Jack Poulter
Wed, May 7, 08 at 11:15 AM
“His ability as a musician had him performing at innumerable charity events over the years.” While Tony did play guitar privately, it was his skills as a “magician” that entertained people wherever he performed. Old Jack Fellow magician.

Joy Kruger, Victria Magic Circle
Wed, May 7, 08 at 11:39 AM
Indeed Tony not only mentored magicians but saved careers (and I daresay lives!) setting people onto the path of success with his advice and inspirations. He was always the first guy to jump in if a friend needed help or a task to be done. He exemplified how to truly LIVE WELL, and befriended and touched so many people — his positive outlook was contagious and has impacted me for life! If I ever have a ‘down day’ I need only be reminded by Tony and his style of living to appreciate the gift of life’s journey and priceless value of a great sense of humour!

Scott Miki
Wed, May 7, 08 at 11:58 AM
Years ago, Tony stole my watch while performing at our table at Japanese Village. His skill as a magician and his contribution to Victoria won’t be forgotten; I still have a pack of trick cards at my desk and every time I pick them up, I think of that smiling guy saying “Come over here, let me show you something amazing”. I’ll miss you, guy.

Cheryl Wansbrough
Wed, May 7, 08 at 01:40 PM
Tong Eng was a very kind man and the news of his passing is quite unbelievable. He will be missed by many people. My dad admired him and loved his magical ways. I know that Tony is doing some magic tricks in heaven with my dad cheering him on.

Michael C.
Wed, May 7, 08 at 02:04 PM
I was young when I first went to Tony’s Trick and Joke Shop. My older cousin showed me some tricks and told me and my mom about the place. Needless to say, I just HAD to go! I will always remember the way I felt when I first had the privledge of watching the demonstrations at the counter. A lasting effect on my life for sure. Sad to hear the he passed away and he will be greatly missed.

Wed, May 7, 08 at 02:33 PM
I’m very sorry to hear of Tony’s passing. I remember going into his shop as a kid and being mystified by his over-the-counter performances. A great man who will be missed.

The Blethering Place Ken Agate
Wed, May 7, 08 at 03:13 PM
Bye for now Tony . You have left your mark and happy spirit within our Tea room for always . You lhave left a trail of happiness . Thank you magic cicle for intoducing Tony to us. Ken Agate

david r thurlborn
Wed, May 7, 08 at 03:25 PM
Tony will be missed i have been away from canada for the last 6 years just reading up on the news .What a shock to hear the news My deepest smpathy to the family. dave thurlborn aka happy the clown

Wed, May 7, 08 at 05:58 PM
Tony touched me in many ways and I know he’s touched many other people. Thank you for the magic Tony!!!

Barry & Jen Kensall
Wed, May 7, 08 at 06:14 PM
About 20 odd years ago, visiting Vancouver Island, I wandered into Tony’s Trick and Joke shop, looking for some things to help me perform as a Shrine Clown for the kids. Tony showed me several tricks and then said “bring me a blank video tape and I’ll see what I can do for you”, I still have that tape as one of my prize possessions, that’s the sort of man Tony was. Since then we have become friends of Tony and Ann what with visiting at home, camping and down in Arizona. To Ann and the girls our hearts and wishes go out to you, but try and remember all the good times you had with Tony. I sure will miss him as a buddy and friend, so rest in peace good friend; the world is a better place from the friendship and love you left us with.

Damien Carriere
Wed, May 7, 08 at 06:49 PM
Tony was a true Ambassador of magic! I consider him my father in magic and I will greatly miss him. It was a privilege to witness the lives he touched including my own while working at Tony’s Trick and Joke Shop and an honor to be his friend! Tony’s magic will live on and be evident through the lives of so many. I’ll miss you Tony.

Jan Morton
Wed, May 7, 08 at 08:36 PM
I remember Tony well from the days his children (who are now adults!) attended Shoreline Community School. Not only was he a supportive and invovled dad, in a variety of ways he was quick to volunteer his time and talent to building community around our school. It’s been a long a time since I last chatted with Tony since I no longer live in Victoria but I am saddened to hear the news of his death and warmed by my memories of him.

Tamara Kohnen
Wed, May 7, 08 at 08:40 PM
We will miss you very much Tony. My family really enjoyed the times we had together and coming over to your place for dinner. Ann you should that one. Best regards to your family during this week and on sunday. We will be thinking of you as the days go by.

Mark Benthimer
Wed, May 7, 08 at 09:02 PM
Tony gave me great advice in running my magic shop in Portland. He was very giving and wil be missed. He was also a great performer, Mark Benthimer

Shelby Craigen Edmonton Ring 28
Wed, May 7, 08 at 09:30 PM
I met Tony several years ago while traveling with the Reveen Hypnotic show and we became friends our paths crossed many times through the years and I enjoyed what little time we did have together, I am a couple of years older than Tony but he still managed to teach me new things, Goodbye Tony and thanks for puting magic into my life.

Wed, May 7, 08 at 09:33 PM
I was shocked and saddened to hear the news of Tonys passing. I was one of his students at the Premier School in the late 80’s. He had a way of making every class fun and he made every student feel special. My thoughts and blessing go out to his family. He was a wonderous man.

Orland Wilkerson
Wed, May 7, 08 at 10:46 PM
As a former resident of Victoria and a member of the Victoria Magic Circle, I enjoyed my association with Tony immensely. I was very saddened to hear of his passing. While we didn’t know it at the time, we both studied under the same magician — Art Curtis — when we were in our early teens. In fact, we both did a particular shuffle in exactly the same way that Art had taught both of us, as we discovered years later when we were in our thirties. I lived in Prince George for about 4 years ten years ago, and Tony would always give me a call when he was in town and give me front row tickets for his show. Tony will be sorely missed by his family, friends and fellow magicians. Tonight I’ll drink a toast to Tony for all the ways in which he has enriched the lives of so many. Cheers!

Ryan Nicholson
Wed, May 7, 08 at 11:43 PM
When I was a teenager playing with latex and wax, creating make-up fx from all the cool stuff Tony would show me at the store, I never thought back then, in the late 80’s, that it would lead me to an award-winning career in the movie business! Tony, you gave me the inspiration to follow a dream and I’ll always remember how awesome you were, how great of a guy you were. Godbless you Tony! Much love goes out to you and your family. Truly, Ryan Nicholson

Sam Dyatt
Wed, May 7, 08 at 11:59 PM
How terribly unfair to that such a fantastic person was taken away so early. A loss not only to his friends, family and magic community, but to the entire city of Victoria as well. I will miss you Tony.

Thu, May 8, 08 at 01:25 AM
ride the painted pony, let the spinning wheel slide.

Deborah LeClair
Thu, May 8, 08 at 01:37 AM
I first met Tony last year at the Comox Racquetball tournament. He entertained all of us with his music and magic and made the tournament extra special. He was obviously admired by all who had a chance to meet him.

Thu, May 8, 08 at 02:04 AM
Tony, 19 years ago at age 11 I came into your store and was just mesmerized. I spent so many hours and all my money (what little an 11 year old has) on every visit to Victoria I made. You inspired me to become a magician and fostered my love of magic every time I came in. I still look back fondly upon my time spent in your store. Just yesterday I walked by where the store used to be and smiled inside. I hope you are still smiling and sharing your MAGIC.

From Salt Spring Island
Thu, May 8, 08 at 02:13 AM
We’ll remember you and your magic fondly Tony – our condolences to your family.

Thu, May 8, 08 at 06:42 AM
Tony, you were always a great addition to all of our campouts with the Victoria Wanderers as well as a good friend to Rob and I. You will be missed a great deal.

John Meacham
Thu, May 8, 08 at 06:54 AM
Tony was my mentor and brought me back to magic 37 years ago,it was his encouragement to join the Victoria Magic Circle and meet a wonderful bunch of people that has inspired me to keep the Magic alive where ever I go. My heart felt love and condolences to His wonderful wife Anne, His Mum , Julie,Sandra and Suley who will surely miss him as my wife and I do. Johnny, Tony was the only one who called me that .

Thu, May 8, 08 at 09:00 AM
I met Tony through my step-dad many years ago..I always loved stopping into his shop, giving Tony the update on Harry and then getting a magic trick shown to me….

Tom Cramer SAM 59 President 08
Thu, May 8, 08 at 09:32 AM
I saw Tony preform many times at many conventions and at his shop. He was unsurpassed in his skill and entertainment as a magician. I wish I could have heard him play his guitar. I miss you Tony. God speed.

David Charvet
Thu, May 8, 08 at 09:54 AM
Tony was one of the nicest guys in the world. I know I am not alone in saying that. Condolences to the family and rest well in the thoughts of all of the happiness he brought to people everywhere.

Thu, May 8, 08 at 01:59 PM
I worked at the Japanese Village as a hostess in the 1980s. Tony was a sensation Sunday evenings and I remember him always taking time to show me a few of his tricks. He was a generous performer and person. I am deeply shocked at his passing. I last saw him and his wife at Cher’s concert. He will be missed by the community.

Miles lowry
Thu, May 8, 08 at 03:35 PM
I will never forget working with Tony as his assistant back in the early 70’s. He performed his Oriental Magic show as Wai Chung and I was dressed as a Chinese boy. It was my job to handle the doves and look surprised at the appropriate moment to distract the audience. We did shows at The Truth Centre and the old Newcombe Theatre and around town. Tony was always a great mentor to young magicians and he changed my life by bringing both magic and a great friendship to me as a young man. A treasure in all ways, thank you Tony. You were unforgettable.

Thu, May 8, 08 at 08:28 PM
Tony’s magic was far more than sleight of hand; it was his wonderful spirit, energy, love of life and all in it.

Tony Griffith
Sat, May 10, 08 at 10:39 AM
My wife and I visited Victoria a few years ago to present a lecture. Tony and his family offered us wonderful hospitality during our short stay. Once in a while one person makes an everlasting impression on you. On this occasion it was Tony. He was a wonderful kind man and a great magician. Rest in peace my friend, and our thoughts go out to his family

Evan L
Sat, May 10, 08 at 09:59 PM
Tony was a close friend of mine for over 20 years and was my mentor in magic. He shared his talent with me and gave me a gift for life which will never be forgotten. 17 years ago he came to my wedding as a guest and gave a show that everyone of the other guests still talks about today. Thank you Tony for sharing with me your time, talent, and friendship. I will never forget you my dear friend.

Craig R Dickson
Sun, May 11, 08 at 08:07 AM
Tony as a great contibutor and performer at the famed FFFF convention, he will be greatly missed. He and daughter Julie did one of the funniest routines there a few years back that will never be forgotten. Each an incredible talent on their own, together just had fun, and so did we. He leaves behind a legacy, and has touched all our lives in a way that will live on for generations.

Anthony “Darkstone” Brook
Sun, May 11, 08 at 08:21 AM
Truly one of the greats. World Class Magic. A wonderful man. It was an honor spending time wth him last year during my visit .

Lee Asher
Sun, May 11, 08 at 08:54 AM
Tony was a solid magician, a staple in the magic community, and overall – a good man. He will be missed. Thank you for the time spent with us Tony.

John Poole IBM Ring # 235
Sun, May 11, 08 at 09:14 AM
Thank you Tony for all your contributions to magic. You will be sadly missed in the Canadian magic scene. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Eng family.

Ray Roch
Sun, May 11, 08 at 09:40 AM
Tony will be missed more than anyone will ever suspect. I keep thinking about the good times we had together whether performing, or en-route to a gig. His infectious laugh and crooked smile was that of a mischievous leprechaun, bent on enjoying life to the fullest. He was a true friend who left us with so many fond memories that I can hardly write this without shedding a tear at his passing. Our hearts goe out to Ann, Julie, Sandra and family.

Tony Wilson
Sun, May 11, 08 at 04:19 PM
My wife and I are very saddened at the premature loss of this wonderful man. He was a Territorial Vice President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and made all magical visitors to Victoria very welcome including my wife and I when we visited his city in 2004. We will never forget his friendliness and hospitality to us and to numerous others that he welcomed. Tony and Mary Wilson New Zealand IBM International President 2004-2005

Christopher Hart
Sun, May 11, 08 at 06:23 PM
Tony represented all the great things about magic. I’m sorry for his passing, but honored to have met and shared time with him. He was a great man and magician.

Mon, May 12, 08 at 11:57 AM
tony eng was a good man with a great family around him, all good people and a loving tribute to him as a husband, dad and entertainer. rest in peace.

Tony K
Tue, May 13, 08 at 12:10 PM
Tony Has had a deep impact on many of us in the magic world and audiences everywhere! His infectious smile and “happy go lucky” attitude touched everyone whom he came into contact with. A True Gentleman. A True Performer. A True Friend. Our thoughs and Prayers are with the Eng Family. Thank you Tony for Making Magic happen each and every day!!

Bob Masterson
Tue, May 13, 08 at 10:18 PM
Tony, we miss your dearly. I am so thankful that I got to spend time with you and Ann at Barkerville last summer while at the Good Sam Samboree. My condolences to Ann and the girls. God bless.

Kevin Ogren
Tue, May 13, 08 at 11:04 PM
I, like so many, was inspired and mentored by Tony. Every time I visited Victoria, a stop at Tony’s Trick and Joke was always a must. Tony always greeted you with a smile and a handshake., he would then showoff a new trick or move. Magic just won’t be the same without Tony. MIss you.

Cary Tardi
Wed, May 14, 08 at 12:24 PM
Tony was a good friend of my Grandfather’s, Bill Brace and I’ll never forget our visit to his shop when we travelled to Victoria when I was 23. Tony was an incredible man and he will be dearly missed by everyone in the magic community and all those who had the honour of seeing him perform. Tony, you were a class act and one of the best! Cary Tardi

Carol Le Poidevin (Eagles)
Wed, May 14, 08 at 01:57 PM
To the Eng Family: I remember Tony from school days at North Saanich School and seeing him do tricks at the Beacon Cafe (Owned by his parents) He was a wonderful person and possesed an infectious personality. I visited him over the years at his joke shop and he was always so welcoming! My condolences especially to his family, his Mom and brothers Willie and Victor and their families. We have lost a special magic star!

Robert Wong
Wed, May 14, 08 at 02:10 PM
My hear goes out to the Eng Family. I will miss you Tony.

Chris McPherson
Sat, May 17, 08 at 07:35 PM
I don’t know quite what to say… you’ll be missed.

Mon, May 19, 08 at 02:17 AM
Ever since I first encountered Tony 44 years ago, he’s been one of my best friends – as, I’m sure, he’s been to almost everyone he ever met. That means memories of him are going to be around for a long time to come. My heart goes out to the whole Eng family, who have even more memories than the rest of us. We’ll all miss him, and we’re all there for you.

Shawn Farquhar
Wed, May 21, 08 at 01:40 PM
Life sends us special people to teach us and make us better. When those people become our friends we are twice blessed. I was blessed to be a student and friend of one of the finest magicians and men I will ever know. My career is a direct result of his generosity and knowledge. Tony lived a full and exciting life and I know he left a legacy of laughter and magic that will live forever. My prayers are for his family who must deal with such a great loss.

Julie (Cox)
Thu, May 22, 08 at 02:14 AM
Another school friend from North Saanich days- I have such strong memories of our “folk song circle” and Tony’s guitar playing. He was such a fine person even at a very young age. Obviously those roots grew into a mighty tree. He just glowed when he spoke about his family and their accomplishments. “I’ll look for you if you’re ever back this way….”

Dan Harsent
Mon, Jun 9, 08 at 11:47 PM
Heartfelt condolences to the family. I hope you can take some positive from all he meant to so many of us and how he lifted people up. I first met Tony many years ago as a kid. As a young adult, getting back into magic in Prince George, I shopped Tony’s store by phone. And then came back to the island and loved hanging out and watching him perform. Will never forget seeing he and Julie perform at the IBM convention in Burnaby some years back. And we were fortunate to have Tony do a presentation for our sales team when I worked at The Q radio station. What an inspiration.