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Tony Eng
Condolences Guest Book

May 7, 2008
Tony inspired me to not only learn magic but to be happy in life. He was a great man that will be missed by all. He was one of only a few magicians that my wife enjoyed watching perform (and I am not included in that elite group!) as few can entertain her AND make her laugh – Tony did both to perfection. I am sure Tony is in Heaven right now asking God to watch his card as he will make it vanish eight times right under his nose…God is in for a treat!

Mike & Nicole Norden (Maple Ridge, BC)

May 7, 2008
My thoughts are with the family and
a special thought for Mary my old
boss in Sidney
Ray Bowcott (Sidney, BC)

May 7, 2008
A true gentleman and superb performer.
Tony was a friend to everyone he met.
Many young magicians (and older ones,too) will long remember his help and the love for magic that he shared.
Jack Poulter (Langford, BC)

May 7, 2008
I hold dear the memories that Tony spent with me as a boy teaching me magic.What a wonderful teacher! Tony you will be sadly missed.
Cam Ross (Victoria, BC)

May 7, 2008
To Tony”s family sorry to hear of your loss . I went to high school with both Tony and Victor. Both were real gentlemen and wonderful friends . One of the finest families I had ever met
Teri Vigfusson (nee Baldwyn) (White Rock, BC)

May 7, 2008
I am so sad to hear of Tony’s passing. I have the most wonderful memories of my mother and our short time together because of Tony’s magic. Many years ago my mother would take us to the Sherwood Hotel on the Gorge for dinner and to enjoy Tony’s magic show. I remember everytime we went, I was so determined to figure out at least on of his tricks, but never could. My mother passed away in 1978, Tony and his magic are very much a part of my most cherished childhood memories. I thank you so much Tony, you could never know how special these memories are to me. I am sure that many lives have been touched through your gift of magic. God bless you and your family.
Karen M (Victoria, BC)

May 7, 2008
Tony, will defintely miss your magic & positive attitude to life. Also, will miss those racquetball games with you at the Y! Sincerely, RH.
Richard Harris (victoria, BC)

May 7, 2008
You were a legend in Victoria as one of our most magnificent entertainers. Your positive attitude and great humor brought smiles to so many. You will not be forgotten.
All healing to family
Linda O’Connor (BC)

May 7, 2008
The world needs men like Tony Eng
Bob Smith (Victoria)

May 7, 2008
Tony was instrumental in reintroducing me to magic after many years of not doing any. His sharing and help were invaluable and the magic community has lost a fine performer and human being. our loss is great.
Phil Taylor (Parksville, BC)

May 7, 2008
Dear Ann, Julie and Sandra,
Someone so special can never be forgotten.
May you find comfort in knowing that Tony touched the lives of so many others and gave them the gift of many happy memories. Hoping your treasured memories bring you comfort day by day. We thank you for keeping us all informed of Tony’s great fight for life.
A true friend to all who knew him.
Dan Johnson & Karen Wylie (Victoria, BC)

May 7, 2008
To the family of Tony we extend our heartfelt sympathies. We knew Tony from school. Our group would gather at the Beacon Cafe in Sidney operated by Tony’s parents everyday after school. Tony was there always with a card trick or other magic to entertain us. We have seen Tony over the years at our reunions and at Christmas parties where he entertained. Tony was a great friend and wonderful person. He will be missed. We are sorry we won’t be able to attend the tribute to Tony but we will be thinking of him.
Norm and Lois Watling (Saanichton, BC)

May 7, 2008
Tony was a major influence on my life as a mentor and friend. His passing has shocked me and I will greatly miss him. His memory will always live on.
Thanks Tony for all that have done for me.
Aaron Jones (Nagahama, Japan)

May 7, 2008
Tony your positive energy and exemplary living has touched so many lives, and your teaching and advice and camraderie with fellow magicians has made so many careers and friendships flourish! Thank you for everything you have given, we cherish you!
Joy Kruger (Victoria, BC)

May 7, 2008
Dear Ann, Sandra, JJ and Suley:
We will always cherish the fond memories of family times we had with Tony who made us laugh and cry at his antics.
Love Brother Willie and Jane
Willie and Jane Eng (Victoria, BC)

May 7, 2008
Dear Family Eng: Another of Sidney’s old time people has gone. We were sorry to hear of Tony’s passing and of course we remember all the Eng family “Beacon Cafe Days”. Let the happy memories fill the hole in your hearts. Hugs to you all and God Bless
Ken & Freda THORNE (Sidney, BC)

May 7, 2008
to the Engs, We feel the pain of your lost and would like to offer our condolences to your family.
pang sam,betty and the kids (victoria, BC)

May 7, 2008
Dear Ann, Julie, Sandra and Suley,
We wish to extend our heartfelt sympathies to you all and wish you comfort in this trying time. We all loved Tony, he made us laugh and was one of the most wonderful people we have the honor to know in the magic circle. He was and still is a great inspiration for Trevor Lorena and Dave. What an amazing testament to his life, having all of you as his incredible family and legacy. Take care of yourselves and know if we can be of any assistance we will be there!
Love from the Watters
Dave, Cathie, Trevor, Lorena Watters (Delta, BC)

May 7, 2008
Ann, Julie, Sandra and Mary, We are so sorry to hear of the loss of Tony. We all have so many wonderful memories of Tony. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Tony, The sun will shine where ever you go and you will be missed by so many. All our Love,
The Grabia Family.
Zail Grabia (Victoria, BC)

May 7, 2008
Tony was a wonderful gentleman, as well as an extraordinarily talented magician. I will remember him always for his great good humor, his kindness, and his enthusiasm. He is deeply missed.
Charles Morgan (Victoria, BC)

May 7, 2008
The world has lost a great one!! A true friend … one in a million!
We are deeply sadden to hear of Tony’s passing.
Allan & Bonnie White (Oliver, BC)

May 7, 2008
To all of the Eng Family,
We are so sorry and saddened to hear of the loss of Tony.He will be remembered by us of years spent in Sidney and occanional visits with him at his shop in Victoria.
With our heartfelt sympathies.
Monty and Sylvia Gill ( Watling )

May 7, 2008
I had the honor of being Tony’s friend for thirty years and during that time I learned more things from him than can ever be written. He will be missed and remembered by many forever. My earliest memories are of fun nights spent watching him work the Drummers Lounge, learning to mix drinks at his school of bar tending and seeing his grand show in the ballroom of the Empress hotel. I have far too many memories of this great man … and wish I had more time to create more …

My heartfelt wishes go out to his family and I know that nothing written here or said elsewhere will ever ease the pain of your loss, but know that I and many others wish you well …

My Father said “if you think of me often. I’m never really gone … ”
Shawn Farquhar (Maillardville, BC)

May 7, 2008
How can a few words sum up , the loss I feel in the Loss of Dear Tony Eng, a Mentor, and a True Friend , My Sifu
Paul Kilshaw (Victoria, BC)

May 7, 2008
tony was one of my friends and my
mentor in magic he helped me out
when I was down and out by letting me do work at his home and he made these time special making me breakfast I don’t think I will ever find a friend as special as him ever again good bye tony my god take you into his arms and comfort you.
Lorne Begg (Victoria, BC)

May 8, 2008
Tony will be missed more than anyone will ever suspect. I keep thinking about the good times we had together whether performing, or en-route to a gig. His infectious laugh and crooked smile was that of a mischievous leprechaun, bent on enjoying life to the fullest. He was a true friend who left us with so many fond memories that I can hardly write this without shedding a tear at his passing. Our hearts goe out to Ann, Julie, Sandra and family.
Ray & Pat Roch & family.
Ray Roch (Tsawwassen, BC, BC)

May 8, 2008
It was with great sadness that I read about the passing of Mr. Eng. We met only a few times at the 4F convention but his memory as a real gentleman will always remain.
Tony Econ (Winston Salem, NC)

May 8, 2008
One of the greates birthday gifts I’ve ever received was tickets to a theatre performance of the magic of Tony, Ann, Julie, and Sandra Eng. Though we became friends, and even worked together several times over the years, I have always remined in awe of Tony, from his wonderful humour, right down to the way he could nibble every last bit off of a chicken wing bone. As I told Tony a short time ago, I can not perform a magic trick that you have taught me, without seeing your smile, or hearing your words rattling around in my head. To Ann, Julie, Sandra, to all of Tony’s family, and magic family, we all loved Tony, we keep him in our minds, and in our hearts, and as long as there is magic in the world, there will be Tony Eng.
Greg Ladret (Nanaimo/Comox, BC)

May 7, 2008
Tony sponsored me for membership in the Victoria Magic Circle some ten years ago and his passing has left a tragic gap in the world of magic and in the hearts of all who were fortunate to have known him.My condolences to the family.
Donald McCulloch (Victoria, BC)

May 7, 2008
Ann, Julie and Sandra:
Our hearts go out to you at this very sad time. Tony was a wonderful man, whose love of life, his humour, sense of fun and connection to all who knew him, will be a lasting legacy. David will always cherish the memories of times spent on volleyball teams at the Y, with all the old gang- and on the tennis courts with Tony, where it is said, Tony went down undefeated!
He touched many lives-ours included! Take good care, Elizabeth and David
David and Elizabeth Ramage (Victoria, BC)

May 7, 2008
Sorry to hear about Tony. Hope everything well. The Kohnen family will always remember him. He is always in our hearts.
tamara kohnen (victoria, BC)

May 7, 2008
The first time we met Tony was at Japanese Village we were amazed by his magic and he was a man of humour. We always tried to go on a Sunday so we could watch his show. It was a sad day in Victoria when he passed we will always remember his magicial ways that he amuzed people and made them happy. Our prayers are with his family and friends.
Emery Family (Victoria, BC)

May 7, 2008
To the Eng family: Very sorry to hear the news about Tony. Can’t get any better as a person than Tony, I meet Tony through the Victoria racquetball tournaments & witnessed his amazing magic live and in person. Even through I was the punching bag for many of his magical chatting while performing his magic……It was truely a excellent time. Will miss him.
Allways in my heart. Tony was the main reason I came out to the Victoria tournament…..
Stanlee Herbert (Vancouver)

May 7, 2008
Tony was a fine gentleman, and we were honoured to have him play such an important and joyful part of many, many, conventions here in Victoria. I know he will be missed greatly, as he was such a pleasure to work with.
Ann Moxley (Victoria, BC)

May 7, 2008
To All The Eng Family;
My thoughts are with you.
I was so sorry to hear of Tony’s passing, he will always be a reminder of growing up in Sidney and how we all new one another.
Margaret Beischer (Storey) (Victoria, BC)

May 8, 2008
Tony Eng was my teacher, my mentor, an all around wonderful person and above all a great friend. I am deeply saddened to hear of Tony’s passing and offer my condolences to his family and friends. He will live on in our thoughts and in our hearts forever.
Randy Pabsdorf (Victoria, BC)

May 8, 2008
What can I say about Tony. You’re the reason I live in Victoria now and strive to live up to the standards you set. You teachings have made me a better magician and your example will continue to make me a better person. We’ll miss you.
Murray Hatfield (Victoria, BC)

May 8, 2008
So sorry to hear of the lose of Tony.
I will always remember doing our homework over the phone. Also it was nice working in the restaurant with all of the family. We had some good times there.
barb readings (sidney, BC)

May 8, 2008
We were very saddened to hear of Tony’s passing. Our heartfelt sympathy goes to Anne, Julie, Sandra, and family. We will always have great memories of working with Tony and Ann sharing the billing for stage shows. Tony was the consumate professional and a pleasure to work with. His smile and great humour will forever be with us. Don and Marge Hambley
Don Hambley (Victoria, BC)

May 8, 2008
Ann and family
As mentioned there is nothing more I can add to the long and well deserved list of tributes to Tony. Tony inspired many and having worked with him for a few years, not only did I see a true gentleman whom everyone loved, but also a world class magical entertainer.
The magic world has suffered a major loss but you can rest assured that Tony’s name will last forever.
William Jesse

May 8, 2008
I Evans G.Martin will miss Tony so much,Tony has inspired myself and many others to become magcians.Thank you for the magical gift you have given me,and the friendship we have shared.
Mr. Martin The Magician (Evans G. Martin)
Evans Martin (victoria, BC)

May 8, 2008
i first met Tony while i was working at the “Red Lion Hotel”. All us staff would go to the lounge were Tony bartended after work. There our shaken drinks would be turned in to flowers. In later years i once again ran in to Tony at the Salt Spring Hotel (at that time) owned by Theo Macris , of Theo`s Greek Rstaurant in Sidney. Many more times Tony came to Sidney to preform his Magic and i must say it was always up close and personal. He made everyone feel special and he will be missed.
sheila carroll (sidney, BC)

May 8, 2008
It very sad to here Mr . Eng passing he was a great man loved watching his shows over the years.
tina udit(nisbet) (surrey, BC)

May 8, 2008
To the Eng Family;
My heartfelt condolences are with you as you celebrate the life of the amazing Tony Eng. What a kind, caring man who greeted everybody he just met as if they were a cherished friend.

About 15 years ago, I faced the challenge of providing guest speakers for a Mensa convention here in Victoria. Having enjoyed many of Tony’s enthusiastic, entertaining performances beforehand, I arranged for him to perform for this group that had assembled from across Canada & the U.S. The entire audience was in awe of Tony – fascinated by his magic, appreciative of his quick wit and sense of humour, and perhaps a little frustrated that they were so smart but couldn’t figure out how his magic worked!

I have since had the privilege of chatting with Tony several times over the years, and will always have fond memories of his ever-present kindness and happy, somewhat mischievous sparkle in his eyes.

Thank you, Tony, for being an inspiration to your family and friends, and such a positive influence in the lives of countless people.

Margaret G (Victoria, BC)

May 8, 2008
There is not much more I can say about Tony that has not already been written. He has touched the lives of so many people and been such an inspiration, that it is certain he will not soon be forgotten.

My wife and I have known Tony and Ann for well over thirty years and have watched each others children grow to adulthood. Every time we ventured across the water to visit Victoria, we would end up at Tony’s Trick and Joke Shop, then invariably be invited back to the Eng residence where we shared many jokes, memories, and magic. It is a comfort to know that Tony’s spark of brilliance still lives on in both of his lovely daughters, Sandra and Julie, and that Julie has chosen to walk in her fathers magical footsteps. Every time I see the six card repeat, I will think of Tony.
Bruce, Georgina, Shane, Colin & Erin Hunt (Surrey, BC)

May 9, 2008
My condolences to the Eng family.
I met Tony when I took the bar-tending course at The Premier School of Bar-Tending in the mid eighties..
Not only did he teach us how to mix drinks, he taught all of us many life lessons and at a time when I desparately needed some brightness in my life, he supplied it. He will be sorely missed
Judith McFadden (Victoria, BC)

May 9, 2008
Tony was a mentor, a colleague, a father figure to me, a big brother and at times an impish little brother. He was the cement that held our Magic community together, and an inspiration to magicians everywhere. He was a very dear friend and it hurts my heart that he is gone. He is deeply missed. Eric
Eric, Cool Magic Dude, Bedard (Victoria, BC)

May 9, 2008
With so much love and laughter surrounding him, Tony was particularly blessed. The Haig Brown Fly Fishing Association was completely enriched by his passion for fly fishing and magic! He and Ann brought so much fun to our gatherings over the years. My thoughts are with you, Ann and family, during this transition. Tony, keep practicing that guitar, man – we’ll jam together in heaven!
James Tepoorten (Victoria, BC)

May 9, 2008
Sleep, my friend! for the rustling trees,Stirr’d by the breath of summer breeze, And fairy songs of sweet note, Around us gently float.
Sleep! for the weeping flowers have shed Their fragrant tears upon thy head, The voice of love hath sooth’d thy rest,and thy pillow is a mothers’s breast.
Sleep my friend!
( from an old Irish song)
Shelby Craigen (Edmonton, AB)

May 9, 2008
I met Tony in the early 1970’s while performing a magic show in my home town of Myrtle Creek, OR. I was a young teenager. He and his family were touring the USA. He encouraged me to keep up with magic and I would see him sometimes at magic conventions. We always found a few moments to chat. I still remember the trick he showed me, using the ace of spades, which he referred to as a bullet.
Allen Martin (Fairfax, VA)

May 9, 2008
Tony was one of the great mentors of our time.We “roasted”each other on many occassions in many shows and events.My friend for 30 years.Never equalled.For ever remembered.Your Comedic Pal
Mike Edwards (Victoria., BC)

May 9, 2008
I first met Tony about 17 years ago at his shop in Victoria. I had just started in magic at that time. He fooled me with an amazing card trick and instead of offering to sell it to me, he offered to show me how it was done! As I got to know Tony better over the years, it only reaffirmed my first impressions of Tony. He was always full of amazing magic, a great showman, but above all, generous, loves to share and a super nice guy. I will surely miss Tony as will anyone who has been fortunately enough to have known him. My heart goes out to Ann, Julie, Sandra and the family and hope they will take comfort knowing that Tony will live on forever in the memory and hearts of everyone that has been touched by him.
Henry Tom (West Vancouver, BC)

May 9, 2008
I was sorry to read of the loss of Tony. I received the news while on a trip in Italy and when I read this it brought a few tears to my eyes. My sincere sympathy to his family. I will remember the experiences of fishing with Tony on Prospect Lake always smiling and having a good time. He was truly a man who loved life. Tight lines my friend.
Garth Fowler (Victoria, BC)

May 9, 2008
Tony was the kind of guy around whom you felt better about life, no matter what was going on. He always lived it flat out and had fun doing it. We will miss him greatly.
Derek Peach (Victoria)

May 9, 2008
We will never forget Tony and his kindness and how well he treated us when we were on tour. Bless you and your family.
Paul and Andi Diamond.
Paul Diamond (West Palm Beach, FL)

May 9, 2008
We are deeply saddened to hear of the loss of our friend and neighbour Tony. Having lived next door for the last five years, we have come to appreciate his warmth, humanity, humour and love of life. We will miss seeing his smiling face at our door offering a juicy bone for our dog, Dora. Tony made every day special and showed many others how to as well. We will think of him often.
Paul & Monica Wainwright/Kingsbury (Victoria, BC)

May 9, 2008
Our condolences to the Eng Family. Tony will be deeply missed by all of us at the restaurant. His good nature, humor, magic tricks and friendship will be cherished forever in our memories. Until we all meet again Tony, dazzle the Big Guy with your tricks! *Hugz*
Sammy, Monica, Jessica & Miki Sogai (Victoria, BC)

May 9, 2008
Tony Eng is the reason I got back into magic. His enthusiasm was contagious. He was a mentor and a friend to many. For having known Tony I am not only a better magician, but a better man. I’d like to express sincere condolances to the Eng family. I’ll miss you friend.
Steve Hignett (Victoria, BC)

May 9, 2008
I had the privilige of working with Tony in the 80’s in the hospitality industry. His true magic was in the way he inspired and instilled confidence and pride in the many students and staff he worked with.
Our heartfelt condolences.
Julian & Ann Szostakiwskyj (Victoria,, BC)

May 10, 2008
I am so sorry to hear that Tony has passed. It seemed like all of Victoria knew him and that is a rare thing these days. To Sandra, Julie and Ann, I hope you are doing well and my thoughts are with you.
Diana Demarchi (Victoria)

May 10, 2008
To the Eng Family
I would like to offer my condolances on the loss of your loved one, Tony Eng. May God’s blessing be with you all.
Betty Kerr (Victoria, BC)

May 10, 2008
We were so very sad to hear of Tony’s passing. We would like to offer our sympathy to all of Tony’s family.
Bob and Marian Fielding (Richmond, BC)

May 10, 2008
We are so sorry to hear of Tony’s passing. We remember in the early 90’s he and his family stayed at our Resort in exchange for entertaining the guests in our Restaurant. His close up magic right before our eyes was truly amazing.
Steve and Trudy Lynch (Salt Spring Island, BC)

May 11, 2008
We were so sorry to hear of Tony’s passing. He was a wonderful person, magician & friend. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Ann, Julie, Sandra and family.
We will miss him.
Palle & Viola Jensen (Richmond, B.C.)

May 11, 2008
Tony Eng was a very special man. He was everybodys friend, always quick to help magicians with tricks, advice etc. I will really miss Tony, he had invited me to going fishing with him and I never had the chance.
He was so delighted when I sent him a bag of fur for tying flys for fishing.
Im sure he is somewhere doing magic and fishing,his two favorite pass times! Tony you will be remembered for a long long time by all who knew you. You were always a ‘mensh’ and a friend to everyone!
I miss you already,,
Magic Marty Marcus
Marty Marcus (Edmonton, AB)

May 11, 2008
Thanks Tony (Frank) for the special memories… the jokes and tricks at ‘The Beacon Cafe’ and at school… and that scary night when you, Reg and I rolled that old Austin… how we survived I’ll never know. We love you Tony, your smile, your spirit and your integrity. Love and Peace.
Garth Coward (Sidney, BC)

May 11, 2008
Dear Ann and Family, We are deeply saddened by the loss of such a wonderful entertainer, friend and community leader. Tony charmed those of us who were fortunate to know him, as far back as the Beacon Cafe in Sidney. We extend our heartfelt sympathies to you all.
Murray & Corinne Coell (Saanichton, BC)

May 11, 2008
It has been many years since Tony sat in front of me in high school and our contacts since that time have been infrequent. Still, every time our paths crossed over the years it seemed as though our friendship was the same as it was way back then. Tony had a way of making everyone he came in contact with (no matter how infrequently) feel like they were
still his very best friend.

I still remember how, in those high school days, he would eagerly demonstrate his latest magic trick and when asked
to show how he did the trick, the grin that would come over his face as he gleefully refused to divulge his newest secret.

I know that Tony was extemely proud of his family and even
though a humble man by nature was also proud of what he had been able to accomplish in his life.

I consider myself extremely privileged to be able to call him a friend.

My thoughts and sympathy go out to his immediate and extended family at this very difficult time. May you find strength in the legacy that Tony left behind.
Linda Frost (Burnaby, BC)

May 11, 2008
We were saddened to hear the news about Tony. We remember Tony well from our early days in Sidney BC – performances in the North Saanich School talent shows and magical afternoons at the Beacon Cafe.

We were fortunate to reconnect last year when Tony awed walkers from across Canada with his magic. This was an opportunity for a string of emails where we updated each other on our families and because Tony still seems to know almost everyone, he sent photographs to have us guess who were the people in each picture. We were fortunate to have Tony touch our lives.

Our condolences to the Eng Family – Tony’s spirit will live on in all of the hearts he touched.
Wendy & Bob Pratt (Victoria, BC)

May 11, 2008
Wow, what a blow — I’m still in shock. I just visited Tony at his home two months ago to learn his ‘card under the box’ routine with his personal touches, and he seemed fine. It still hasn’t quite registered that he’s gone.

Back in 1996, I was a guy with a slight interest in the idea of maybe learning some magic one day… but everything changed for me when I saw Tony perform magic at my table at the Japanese Village (he did a bill change and his cups and balls routine — I still remember them quite vividly, 12 years later). I knew right away that I had to learn magic from this amazing man. I stopped by his shop the next day and he was kind enough to give me lessons (at a very reasonable rate, given the care he took into teaching me his hard-earned secrets). Things took off for me from there, but I never missed a chance to see him perform. The man was a living legend.

Now, less than a year apart, have come the deaths of the two magicians I respected most: Jerry Andrus and Tony Eng. The world is much duller without them.

My condolences to the Eng family for their loss. I’ll never forget Tony.
Justin Kalef (Nanaimo, BC)

May 12, 2008
To the Eng Family, I just wanted to share with you that we hired Tony for a number of events (including my surprise 60th birthday party) and never failed to be impressed with his professionalism but more so by his warmth of personality and obvious joy of life and amazing ability to connect with people of all ages. He was a real treasure and will stay in my memory forever.
John McKerlie (Victoria, BC)

May 12, 2008
Dear Ann, Julie, Sandra and family
I feel honoured to have personally known Tony. Tony was in our 1964 graduation class. Tony was a gentlemen in every sense of the word. I am so glad that over the last few years I’ve kept in touch through e-mails and a few phone calls either by me or by Tony. Little did I know that our e-mails on April 7th would be our last. I’m so glad we girls were able to arrange a couple school reunion events over the last several years which Tony attended and said he wouldn’t miss for the world.
He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.
Bill and Louise Armstrong (Victoria, BC)

May 13, 2008
Dear Anne, Julie and Sandra,
I just wanted to once again offer our condolences on behalf Pauline and myself.
I also wanted to let you know what an honor it was for me to be allowed to share some of my experiences with many of Tony’s friends. He was a good friend and will have a lasting place in my heart always.
Deepest sympathys,
Barry Stokes/Pauline Loos(Victoria, BC)

May 13, 2008
My daughter was his student, my son the benficiary of his skill and I was an admirer of his professional style. Please except our deepest sympathy… Stu, Ruby and Sean Scott.
stu scott (victoria, BC)

May 14, 2008
Dear Ann, Julie, Sandra;
On behalf of many View Royal families, kids of all ages, friends, our Council and staff, please accept our deep sympathy and care in the loss of Tony, a loss shaped by our respect and regard for the man, his interest in people, and the pleasure he gave. His personal touch mirrored so much that was joy and reflected such vitality. His passing came too soon and his absence from our table leaves an empty chair. Tony was known to us as an ambassador to good thoughts and wellness brought on by wonder, to arms-wide care and his awareness of us all being connected. From neighbours on Glenairlie, from the land of white rabbits, from rooms filled with laughter and the clash of mesmerizing rings dancing in chains, he was a man who with a twist of a wrist and a flip of a card made the world stand still for us. Pictures of Tony come to mind of times shared at our Volunteer Appreciation evenings and the View Royal Days brimming with fun and parade, capped by kids wrapped around his words and dancing hands. When he gathered in circles of friends and spoke of care of others his words reflected insights, values and courage and it is my trust that that will be his greatest legacy. With sadness, with deep regard at this time of loss, we offer our care to you…
Graham Hill (Town of View Royal, BC)

May 15, 2008
Dear Eng Family,
Please accept our deepest sympathy. Our love and prayers are with you during this hard time.
Scott MacDonald (Virtual Elvis) Nathalie Ghoos (Victoria, BC)

May 15, 2008
Our prayers are with Tony and his family. I never saw him without a smile and a trick up his sleeve. We are sorry we never saw him recently to say good-bye but we are saying it now. Good-bye Tony and safe Journey.
Susan and Steve Gillrie (Mohr) (Saanichton, BC)

May 16, 2008
Dear Ann, Julie, Sandra and Mary
I think it’s nearly 45 years since I first met Tony (and, as time went on, the rest of you) and knowing you all has been a continuing joy. Let’s keep that joy alive. Tony has left delightfully indelible memories with us all!
John Gilliland, (Victoria, BC)

May 16, 2008
We did not know Tony for very long, but we have been touched by his humor and gentle nature. Our last memories of him were happy ones…singing and playing guitar at the Wades. He was such a sweet man and I know he will always be near to all those who knew and loved him. I think his life was a life well lived! Our deepest sympathy to Ann and the family.
Linda & Peter Lax (Victoria)

May 19, 2008
I just learned the sad news of Tony’s passing. As a magician from New Brunswick who happened to visit his shop about 12 years ago, he welcomed me as if I was a long lost friend. he entertained me and gave me a souvenir newspaper headline! He invited me to a local Japanese restaurant that evening where he was performing magic! He had me mesmerized and I will never forget his warmth and his friendliness. My thoughts and prayers are with him and with his family at this most difficult time.
With sincere sympathy and condolence,
Bernard J. Cormier
(a.k.a. Bernard the Magician)
Bernard Cormier (Saint John, NB)

May 19, 2008
I will always cherish the memories of my visits to Tony’s magic shop where I watched a true master at work. He could entertain an audience of 1 or 1000 with the same energy, wit and showmanship that leaves all other performers jealous with envy. His misdirection was second to none and his timing was spot on. His precise sleight of hand was matched and exceeded only by his role as a mentor, entrepreneur, friend and father. I will miss his guidance, sense of humor, zest for life, helping hand, and child like sense of awe in everything that was magic. Tony helped guide and shape the performer and person I am today and for that I will always be grateful. Albert Einstein said, “Try not to become a man of success, but a man of value”. Tony Eng was truly a man of value.
Michael Harrison (Maple Bay, BC)

May 24, 2008
I knew Tony for 10 years in the 1990’s when I worked at the Victoria YM-YWCA. I was very shocked to hear the news. Sometimes life does not seem fair in ways such as this. I take solace in the fact that Tony really seemed to “add to” his community and people around him, rather than “take away”……2 examples……1 – He was always a keen sponsor of the yearly racquetball tounament….and 2 – When asked…..he would donate his time and talent to other special events at the Y. Tony… will continue to be missed and loved !!
Tim Majocha (Victoria YM-YWCA Sport and Rec Co-Ordin. – 1990 – 2000) (London, ON)

May 28, 2008
We would like to express our condolences to the Eng family. We grew up in Sidney and had the privledge of being in the beginning stages of Tony’s magical life. He would always entertain us at the Beacon Cafe. We have so many fond memories of those early days with Tony and his family. RIP Tony, fondly remembered.
Kim and Lynda Coward (Port Alberni, BC)

June 9, 2008
Dear Eng family, may God comfort you at this time. Having been out of town, I learned the news in Vancouver 2 days ago. To me, Tony was the connection back into magic after leaving it for several years while growing up. I’ll never forget seeing he and Julie perform at the IBM convention in Burnaby back in 90 something. Since moving back to Victoria I’ve spent not as much time as I would’ve liked at the shop, and now my 3 boys are started. They loved going in to see the man with the sparkly eyes!
He was a blessing to everyone who knew him and I can’t belive he’s gone.
Dan, “The Great Who?Dani!” Harsent (Victoria)

July 20, 2008
I had the opportunity to meet Tony on two occasions. Once, I was very young, and was invited up onto the stage to assist in one of his illusions. I’ll always remember the way he held me mesmerized in my seat during that performance. I truly believe that he was the inspiration for me to take up magic.

The second time, was when I visited his shop. I had visited several times, but only once did I meet tony there. As most people will say, everyone was treated like a close friend there. He didn’t hesitate to perform, or even just chat a while, usually with some jokes tossed in for good measure.

The world has lost an extraordinary magician, and an exemplary person.

The saddest part of all is that the Eng Family has lost a Father and a Husband.

My thoughts are with you.
Jason From (Prince George, BC)